Tuesday, 31 May 2011

larch cottage

No gardening today as I had a trip out to Larch Cottage Nurseries at Melkinthorpe near Penrith. To describe it as a garden centre would do it a great injustice. It is another world, a magical place which I like to think is frequented by real gardeners rather than somewhere to pick up the latest 'lifestyle' items.

To give you some idea I've included a few pics.
about half-way down the main path as it disappears into the distance
young conifers, including many rare and unusual species
More trees. I have a thing about trees
Flowers and herbs. I went specifically to get some potted herbs from their extensive selection.
Some of the architectural items to give your garden a classical theme.
There are lots of hidden corners - just like the secret garden.
If ever anyone reading this blog visits Cumbria then I would heartily recommend a trip to Larch Cottage. Even if you don't buy anything it's worth it just for a wander round and the Eden valley is a beautiful part of the world.

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