Monday, 16 May 2011

aphid infestation

There’s a serious aphid infestation on the growing tips of my blackcurrant bushes and I’ve had to resort to the spray gun. I wouldn’t normally do this as even the relatively harmless insecticides are still pretty indiscriminate. Trouble is I’ve seen very few ladybirds about this year and as they are the natural predators of aphids the little bugs are getting the upper hand. The bushes have plenty of fruit on them but I’d rather they didn’t spend their time being gobbled by greenfly, etc. The aphids can also carry more serious viral diseases so that’s as good a reason as any to get rid of them.
the underside of the curled leaves is crawling with little beasties!

The new potatoes are coming thick and fast at the moment.  This pic shows more than 2.5 lbs of Maris Peer from two plants in a large pot. They are a second early and should have been left longer than 12 weeks but we needed some taties for tea!

A lot of stuff in the greenhouse is sulking at the moment due to the cool weather and lack of sunshine.  Some of the tomatoes have their first flowers but the peppers, cucumbers and aubergines are just sitting there refusing to grow. I know they'll pick up when the weather improves but sometimes I find myself willing them to get a move on.

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