Wednesday, 18 May 2011

more blackleg

Another potato plant lost to blackleg. I noticed one of the plants was looking a bit sickly with curled and yellowing leaves and stunted growth. Closer inspection showed blackleg at a fairly advanced stage with rotted stems which just pulled away from the soil with no effort. It would have to be a Lady Christl which is the best tasting of all the first earlies I’ve tried. That makes four plants lost so I’m thinking infected tubers from that particular stock pile. If anyone else is growing Lady Christl I’d be inclined to give them a careful check to make sure they’re still healthy. No other varieties I’m growing have been affected.
blackleg infected potato haulm

But the day wasn’t all doom and gloom. We had our regular treat of fish and chips at Silloth and they were fantastic. Well worth the drive.
Criffel and the Scottish side of the Solway from Silloth

And when we got home I indulged in a little bowl of home-grown strawberries.

I've just completed my ritual evening inspection and all my little veggies are now tucked up for the night so I can relax with a beer. Unfortunately it's not draught as the nearest pub is three miles away. One of the few downsides to our rural idyll.

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