Thursday, 26 May 2011


Planted out the climbing beans today as they were really getting too big for the pots they were in. It’s still quite windy here so I’ve fastened them to the poles to give them a chance to start climbing rather than being blown about.

The first lot of broad beans now have pods up to 3inches long although the plants are a bit battered after the recent gales. Thankfully the later sowings are not as tall and have survived the far.
young beans
With last night’s meal we had the first of this season’s cabbages. I plant them closer than recommended but pick alternate ones as spring greens, leaving the rest to heart up. I’m also making sowings of a fast-maturing calabrese to go in the gaps once all the early cabbages are harvested. That way the ground isn’t standing idle. So far the debris netting is performing its task of keeping out the cabbage whites from my brassica crop although I did find some tiny catterpillars on cauliflower seedlings in the greenhouse.

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