Sunday, 22 May 2011

potting and pottering

A weekend of potting and pottering, mainly in the greenhouse. The wet and windy weather has meant not much could be done outside apart from securing anything that might be blown over. I like pottering. It’s something I’m really good at and it’s so relaxing, especially with the radio playing some gentle piano music in the background.

All the aubergines and peppers are now in their final positions in the greenhouse, along with tomatoes and cucumbers which just leaves two melon plants which are being a bit slow. I’ve never grown melons before so this is a bit of a learning curve but I can’t imagine they’ll be that much different to courgettes and cucumbers.
I've been willing this melon plant to grow but it's ignoring me

I’m convinced now that tomato plants wait until my back is turned then throw out more side shoots. I went round yesterday nipping them all out and lo and behold I’m doing the same again today. In previous years I’ve potted up these ‘armpits’ to get extra plants but I’ve been told firmly ‘We DO NOT need any more tomatoes’ so I’m bowing to she with the steely glare. (hope she doesn’t read this)

The herb patch in most English gardens will contain the usual suspects: mint, parsley and chives but we should really be a bit more adventurous than that. I have basil, marjoram, rosemary and sage growing in containers and this year I’ve added coriander, hyssop, lemon balm, summer savoury and tarragon and I’ve been re-potting herb seedlings this weekend. Most herbs are quite happy growing in containers and the advantage is that they can be brought inside during the winter months.

And talking of containers I’ve got 124 at the last count. That’s probably it for this year but nothing’s certain in gardening. As the first early potatoes are tipped out I find I have a surfeit of compost so I might as well fill a tub and grow something in it, even if it’s just more lettuce. If we don’t eat it my neighbour’s hens will and we get fresh eggs in return.
Lettuce doesn't need any special treatment. Just bung it in a pot and watch it Grow
Parsnips and beetroot in tubs

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