Friday, 3 June 2011

crows and buzzards

Sitting in the garden this evening I watched two crows harrying a buzzard that had strayed into their territory. Crows in particular seem to really resent the presence of buzzards and will always have a go at them. The buzzards, being larger, are not really bothered but usually leave as they seem to prefer an easy life. After all, what could be better than lazily circling round and up on a thermal and just watching the world below.

Harvested more new potatoes and a cabbage for our evening meal. (we didn’t just have spuds and cabbage, that would have been very dull!).
a home-grown cabbage
The cabbage and lettuce seem to be doing exceptionally well this year but I think potato yields are down on previous years. We had a very cool and overcast May which must have set them back after the sunny April.

What has suffered badly from the weather is the tree fruit crop. The storms of a few weeks ago have caused a lot of wind-burn with many browned and curled leaves. The fruitlets have also dropped in their hundreds, far more than the traditional June drop. But that's gardening for you. Never two years the same and you never know what sort of crop you'll get till you actually harvest it.

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  1. The cabbages are doing really well this year, I haven't dug any spuds yet though, will wait and see what the yield is like.