Tuesday, 14 June 2011

weeds fighting back

Spent the morning weeding in the jungly bits of the garden. I like the wild areas because they are a refuge for all sorts of creatures but they do keep trying to encroach on the cultivated bits, hence the need for an occasional foray with sickle and secateurs. A particularly vicious and vigorous bramble bush decided to fight back and not even heavy duty leather gloves could keep out the spines.

A lush crop of weeds means a lush crop of everything else but they might as well earn their keep instead of just being a nuisance. I cut top off a 5 gallon plastic drum and filled it with perennial weeds then covered with water. They can stew in there for a month to make a liquid feed then the smelly remains can go on the compost heap. There was quite a lot of goose-grass and nettles, both of which are edible, but I’m not that desperate for food. I have made nettle soup in the past and it was very tasty but as it was very warm today, a nice salad was more appropriate.

The plot has now got to the stage where we can harvest something every day. Today it was cos lettuce, spring onions, radishes and potatoes. Oh, and a few nasturtium leaves as well. I also couldn't resist the temptation to pick a broad bean pod. Not quite ready yet but they should be perfect in a week or so.

Today's picture is my tattie barrow. It contains five Carlingford second earlies and once they're out I'll put another crop of something in there. Probably lettuce but I have a couple of courgette plants looking for a home.

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