Tuesday, 21 June 2011

fruity progress...

After the gale force winds we had in May I was unsure about how much of a fruit crop I would be harvesting this year. The tree fruits suffered badly from wind burn of the leaves and there was a severe thinning of the little fruitlets. But all is not lost. You’ll see from the pics that I should be having a fruity summer and autumn!!
cherries are starting to get their first blush of pink
Apples. Not sure of the variety but this tree has consistently given us 50lbs. plus each year
The conference pear was badly hit by the winds but it still has some fruit
Blackcurrents ripening
Redcurrants almost ready
The strawberries, being ground-huggers, were largely unaffected by the weather and we've had quite a few pickings. When we get sick of eating them I'll start on the jam-making. I'll try not to make so much jam this year and may have a go at making fruit smoothies. These can be frozen and then if you blitz them they end up like a kind of sorbet. (he said hopefully, having never done it before)

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