Sunday, 12 June 2011


Picked the first of the outdoor strawberries today and they were delicious. Not sure of the variety as I have three different types to give a decent season but they were big and juicy. These have had some high potash tomato feed as soon as the fruit got to a reasonable size and also my infamous seaweed concoction. Something seems to have worked.

The elderflower champagne has been bottled and is fizzing away nicely. In fact I had to release the caps to let out some of the gas. If anyone is making this stuff and using corks in glass bottles be prepared for corks flying round the room and sticky fizz all over the place. It really does produce a lot of gas!

Had some baby carrots with our tea tonight. During the winter we are obliged to buy carrots as I don’t have enough space to grow large amounts and the difference in taste is amazing. Shop-bought ones still taste of carrots but it’s the sweetness of the freshly pulled ones that you have to taste to believe. I’m growing a few more containers of carrots this year but unfortunately not enough to keep us through the winter months.

Just had a thought. As the potato containers are emptied I could re-use the compost for carrots....but then I’d have to find somewhere to put them because the tatie ground is going to be home to leeks and possibly winter cabbage. Hmmm, some serious thinking to be done. My wife will say forget the leeks but, being a northern lad, I can’t do without leeks. It would be like asking an Italian to forgo his pasta!!

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  1. Mine aren't quite ripe yet, very envious! Hopefully the sun will come back out again to ripen them up. Really must get on with my elderflower champagne.