Monday, 1 August 2011

super chard

I've grown various types of chard for the last few years and had moderate success but this year's crop is fantastic. This is the variety White Silver 2 and the plant stood nearly three feet tall when lifted. The stalks were firm with no hint of stringiness and were used in both a stir-fry and as a steamed vegetable.

Today I also picked the last of the strawberries for this year. By starting some off in containers in the greenhouse I managed to extend my strawberry season to thirteen weeks as opposed to eight weeks last year. There's lots in the freezer for when jam making begins in earnest in September. What a great year it's been for soft fruit! Which reminds me I must have a look along the road and see how the wild plums are doing. Last time I looked they were still green but  once they're ready it's a case of every man for himself.

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