Friday, 5 August 2011

clearing the peas

Today I cleared the main pea patch as I really need the space for winter brassicas. There were many fat pods hidden away that were past their best for eating raw so we had them cooked for tea tonight. The first time we’ve ever had cooked home-grown peas as they normally get gobbled before they reach the kitchen. The surprise was that, although large, they tasted really nice. Different to frozen or tinned peas which I suppose is accounted for by their freshness and possibly the variety.

That particular patch, after a liberal sprinkle of BFB,  is now home to some cabbage and pak choi. Yes, I'm trying once again to get a decent crop of pak choi. Will I succeed this time? Watch this space.

Because I grow in mixed blocks rather than rows I tend not to have large areas of soil vacant at any time. This means that I can more easily accommodate follow-on crops as I only need a handful of small plants to pop in when ground comes available. At this time of year most of the winter crops are now in place so I've been putting containers out to get them off the patio area. If any of the more tender crops are in danger of frosting I can easily move them into the greenhouse after the toms and cukes are finished.
assorted containers on spare ground
leeks, turnips and a red cabbage where some of the early potatoes were
I have four red cabbages where I could fit them in and that should be quite sufficient for pickling.

I'm really pleased that I planted sweet peas among the Alderman climbing peas this year. Not only do they add a splash of colour but the scent is divine when I brush past them. I've never been big on flowers because you can't normally eat them but I'm in danger of being converted. Oh well, yet more things to grow next year!

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