Wednesday, 24 August 2011

big aubergine

Today I picked the first aubergine of the year and what a whopper!
I knew it was hiding behind the large leaves of the egg plant but hadn't realized how big it had grown. Perhaps I should have checked sooner as I don't want the plant to stop producing fruit. There are more flowers but, as yet, no more fruit on show.

Peppers in the greenhouse are coming along nicely with loads now starting to turn red and we've already eaten a few. As usual, we'll have a glut but they are easy to freeze and will help out our stir-fries and soups until next spring.

When I took the dog out this evening I had a look at the wild plums and crab apples along the road. Almost every one of the plums had split but the crabs were hanging heavy on the branches. Looks like crab apple jelly instead of plum jam this year:)

No pictures of wild fruit just evening light on the estuary.

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