Monday, 8 August 2011

mediocre maincrop

The maincrop potatoes have been growing away for about eighteen weeks and the tops had died back so I tipped out two of the big polypots to check on their progress. Maris Piper gave me eight pounds of spuds from three seed potatoes and the Harlequin 7.5 pounds from four seeds....quite disappointing really but inevitable given the lack of rain at critical times.

Maris Piper

I knew that my potato yields would be lower this year and if the other polypots give similar crops we'll only have enough to see us through till November. Still, seven months supply of fresh, organically-grown potatoes from my small plot is a reasonable achievement. When we run out I'll be picking up a sack from one of the farms along the road.

Harlequin, a cross between Charlotte and Pink Fir Apple - should taste good!

 It's the size of the tubers that's the problem. There are plenty there but far too many small ones to be of much use. Thankfully we have plenty of other veg to go at and maincrop spuds are cheap enough to buy. Having said that, I have noticed that prices are considerably higher than last year.

After two days of heavy rain it's been dry today although much cooler and windier than of late. Did a bit of tidying up and sowed chinese cabbage, lettuce and spring onions. I'll keep sowing small amounts of the AYR lettuce right up to the end of September. If it germinates it's hardy enough to withstand the winter in the greenhouse and then get off to a flying start in spring. There you go, I'm thinking about next spring already!

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  1. That's disappointing! I started lifting my maincrop Desiree and there are lots of good sized ones. I'm surprised at just how good the potatoes have been here considering the relaively dry weather and the fact that I hardly watered them.