Saturday, 11 February 2012

things are improving!!

Temperatures reached the dizzy heights of 5˚C this afternoon so I could contain my impatience no longer and attacked the compost heap to fill four containers ready for the first crops of peas and broad beans. Said containers are now in the greenhouse to warm up a bit before I sow the seeds. Even with a February sowing it’s usually mid June before I get a harvest. This year I'm going to try and get a good succession of broad bean pickings like I do with the peas. Trouble is with limited space it's difficult to get enough of everything.

As I was digging my cheeky little friend popped in for a free meal.

Before this cold spell started the chives had poked their heads up but since then the outside plants have just sulked. One clump I brought into the greenhouse is now big enough to start harvesting. Amazing what a difference a bit of shelter makes.

greenhouse chives
It's not much but chives are always the first of the new year's crops to be picked. Overwintered salad stuff doesn't count because that was really last year's crop.

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  1. Bitterly cold down here today, no gardening unfortunately!