Tuesday, 7 February 2012

spuds and chips

Another sharp frost last night and, although the ground is still frozen, the temperature in the greenhouse reached 14˚C by mid afternoon. Perfect for pottering so I sowed another tray of leeks to go in the propagator, some AYR lettuce and more mustard and cress for the kitchen windowsill. If you are going to sow sprouting seeds don’t waste your money on those little packets you buy in the shops but go for bulk buys, it’s much cheaper. I get my sprouting seeds in 100g bags but you can get larger quantities from some suppliers.

My first crop of broad beans each year is usually from seed sown in containers in the greenhouse. These are kept in the warm and gradually acclimatized as spring comes. Trouble is at the moment my compost heap is frozen solid so I dug down into the centre where it was fine. With two tubs filled and warming in the greenhouse I’ll be ready to sow the seed in about a week.

Finally my seed potato order arrived from JBA and all the bags look fine. The only trouble is I’ve run out of chitting space. Most window sills are taken up with seed trays as once they're germinated and poking their heads up I take them out of the propagator to get them used to cooler conditions. Still too cold to leave them overnight in the unheated greenhouse though.

It was so nice in the sun we had a run out to Silloth for fish and chips. Here's a pic of a gull trying to stare us into sharing our lunch......no chance.

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