Thursday, 16 February 2012

compost mixing

Today, with the help of my son, I managed to lift off one of the compost bins to get at what was inside. The stuff was so tightly packed that it took us about ten minutes of rocking and banging before we could slide the thing up and out of the way. This is what a naked dalek looks like :)

As you can see, apart from some semi-rotted material at the top, this is really rich crumbly goodness and will be mixed with other ingredients to form the potting compost for my containers.

Being in a compost frame of mind I also dug into one of the leaf mould cages.

Looking good, but when I got right into it there was hardly any visible leaf structure at all. Just what the garden doctor ordered!

good quality leaf mould
With all that material to go at I spent the afternoon mixing up various potting composts. The one for carrots and parsnips is finely sieved and has added sand but I just use fairly rough stuff for the potato containers. Roll on spring!

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