Monday, 20 February 2012

first spuds planted and tomatoes sown

Temperatures are set to be mild all week with no risk of frosts so I put half a dozen Lady Christl potatoes in grow sacks in the greenhouse and sowed some spring onions in pots. Also decided to chance some tomatoes and peppers in the propagator but the main sowings will not be till next month. As usual I’ll be trying new varieties of tomatoes this year in my ongoing effort to find the ones with the best taste and which are happy with my growing conditions. I can’t see the point of struggling to grow something you like the taste of and conversely persisting with a variety you don’t care for.

The alpine strawberry seeds have now germinated and they are incredibly small. They'll have to get much bigger before I can think of transplanting them to their own little pots.
tiny alpine strawberry seedlings
After leaving school I worked in forestry for  a few years and have always had a 'thing' for trees. Over the years I've grown quite a lot from seed, including this very slow-growing pine from the Andes of south America.
This little specimen is actually about fifteen years old and little more than a foot high. I brought it with me in a pot when we moved house but unfortunately I can't remember the variety.

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  1. Just found your blog and so pleased to learn that you are a veg grower. I have just moved home and am hoping to get back to growing with a venageance again. Maybe we can compare notes. Wow that 15 year old tree is so small. Good luck with the alpine strawberries too, i've never grown them from seed.