Tuesday, 20 September 2011

toms nearly finished

This year's tomato crop is almost finished...much earlier than previous years. It's been a bit of a disaster for me this year although I have been picking them regularly since 19th July. Enough fresh ones for salads, etc. but not many for preserving. Never mind, the cucumbers and peppers are still prolific and will hopefully keep going until the first frosts.
this plant has so far given us eleven cucumbers!

sweet peppers starting to ripen
I know some people complain about the price of F1 cucumber seeds but one 'La Diva' plant has given us eleven good sized fruit with the promise of at least another four or five. Not a bad return on the investment. I do also grow open pollinated cukes but I like the characteristics of some of the F1s.

For the last few days we've been 'entertaining' my mother and her sister which has meant taking them to see the countryside of north Cumbria and southern Scotland. Today we went to the area known as back o' Skidda'. It's quite different from most people's idea of the Lake District, being much less rugged and still very much a working landscape.

back o' Skidda' from Caldbeck common
colour-washed cottages in Caldbeck village
Overwater, one of the lesser-known lakes

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