Thursday, 15 September 2011

red admirals, painted ladies and tortoiseshells

No, it's not something that Russian naval officers get up to on shore leave.

After the recent gales which did a fair bit of damage around the garden today was a perfect autumn day with clear blue skies, distant views and hardly a breath of wind. And lots of butterflies.

red admiral

small tortoiseshell
On days like this I just like to potter. It seems a shame to get serious about work when the rest of creation is just enjoying the sunshine. But I did manage to get some general tidying up done and made quite a few plans for next year. They may or may not come to fruition but that's the thing about plans, isn't it?

At the moment I'm suffering from a surfeit of compost. Both 'daleks' are full and are alive with red wrigglers. The open heap is now about four feet high and I have five large sacks of decomposing vegetation and kitchen refuse. There's still loads of stuff growing in the veg. patch so I can't do any spreading for a while yet and when the leaves fall there'll be more to add to it. The privet hedge needs clipping and the lawn needs mowing and.....

I love compost!!

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  1. You can bung some of that compost my way if you like! My Dalek is about a quarter full and is nowhere near looking like compost yet. No wigglers, just lots of flies!!