Monday, 12 September 2011

apple crop :(

Severe gales today so I've been trying to rescue my apple crop before the slugs and birds get them.

This lot was under one of the trees this morning and I've been out again this afternoon and picked up a load more. There are still some clinging to the trees but I suspect they'll be on the ground by tomorrow morning. The pears have also been stripped and they are far from ready, being still rock-hard. Looks like I'll be searching for recipes to use unripe fruit.

This is what happens when a storm surge coincides with a high tide. It makes for difficult travel until the tide goes back out again.

I normally walk the dog along here...but not today!

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  1. Fortunately we had a lot less wind here and I'm rapidly becoming a convert to the joys of privet hedges for shelter! I only had a couple of apples on the floor, mine like to hang on in there for as long as possible ;>)