Thursday, 28 April 2011

wall to wall sunshine

So far this month we've had more or less continuous sunshine which has brought things on a treat and they are weeks ahead of last year. Trouble is we could still get some sharp frosts which would now cause a lot of damage to the more tender plants. On top of that there has been no rain to speak of so watering all the containers has become a daily task, something unheard of in previous Aprils.

Broad beans are flowering nicely and there are plenty of pollinating insects about so I should get a decent crop. These are a dwarf variety 'The Sutton'
The overwintered onions are thickening up as well. Last year I lifted them in late July and I suspect it might well be earlier this time. These are closely spaced in the 'square foot' part of the plot and will give a medium-sized onion which we prefer.
I'm putting the tomatoes and peppers out in the greenhouse during the day but bringing them back in at night as the temperatures are still dropping into single figures under the glass.

The last pic of the day is of some azalea flowers which look more like plastic than real. This plant was rescued last year from underneath a jungle of couch grass and some thuggish, rampant brambles. I gave it light and air and a feed and it now seems happy enough.
P.S. I don't mind dandelions as long as they're not in my veg. patch.

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