Sunday, 3 April 2011

Phew, what a weekend.

Decent weather all weekend, apart from the cold wind but that helps to dry things out so mustn't grumble. Anyway, I got plenty done and the veg plot is looking a bit less bare than a couple of weeks ago.

Planted out ten cabbages which will have cloche protection until they get established. The spaces between will be intercropped with point wasting good growing space.

Fifty peas (early onward) went under the mini-tunnel, along with some winter density lettuce while all around me was the whirr and clatter of lawn mowers in neighbouring gardens. I really should attend to our lawns but they'll have to wait until the vegies are sorted.

As I was working a sparrow hawk swooped low over the gardens and sent all the small birds into a panic. I don't have a bird table for the simple reason that it would be like a fast food outlet for the local raptors.

But back to the garden. I got into a seed sowing frenzy with broad beans, carrots, lettuce, parsnips, radish, spring onions and tarragon going either into containers or the main plot. Then it was more potatoes. With eighty-odd planted I've really run out of space but I'm sure I'll squeeze a few more in somewhere!
Now, as I've mentioned before, my veg patch won't win any prizes for layout or beauty but It serves its purpose which suits me. Utilitarian is the word for it, if you're feeling in a generous mood. The wire netting and all the various protection systems are to keep the dear little birdies off. Much of what you see is home-made from other people's rubbish. I know, it shows!
The black tubs and polypots make the main part of the potato patch with others growing nicely in the greenhouse or dotted around the garden where I can find room for them. In the middle the old concrete clothes post makes a useful anchor for a wigwam of hazel sticks which will be used for the Alderman climbing peas. Climbing beans will go on two more wigwams in the west border.

Roll on the summer and all that lovely produce.

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  1. Your plot may be "utilitarian" but it looks very productive! I don't have an allotment, only a weirdly shaped back garden, and my husband's a bit iffy about exactly how "utilitarian" I make it look. I often have great ideas involving buckets, string, planks, plastic etc but I'm lucky if I can get away with it!

    I like the potatos-in-pots idea. I got a load of these black pots from Morrisons last year which are all full of over-wintered onions and garlic but unfortunately our local Morrisons has stopped using these black pots now so I'm not sure where I could get any more ...