Saturday, 30 April 2011

New potatoes....yummy

I couldn’t resist the temptation to empty one of the containers of Lady Christl potatoes in the greenhouse. First I scraped away some of the compost just to make sure there was something there.

Yes, those are definitely taties all snuggled up among the leaf mould.

It’s too early really as you can see by the number of tiddlers but oh, the taste was divine, and I can say in all honesty that I managed to eat home-grown new potatoes in April....just. I’ll leave the rest for at least a week and give them some tomato feed before I tip any more out. These were the February planted ones and it's an experiment that has been a great success, largely down to the fantastic weather we've had in April.
Yes, I know these are flowers and I'm a veg. grower, but these are potato flowers, Maris Peer to be exact. Interestingly the Lady Christl didn't produce any flowers. Some do, some don't which makes it a bit awkward when you listen to people who say the spuds are ready when the flowers die down.

Today wasn't just about savouring the delights of new potatoes. I also sowed twenty climbing beans in cells, potted up three tomato plants into their final positions in the greenhouse and planted out some cauliflowers as well as a little light weeding and cutting the back lawn. Highlight was definitely the new potatoes. I almost feel like a proud new dad. Silly isn't it.


  1. There's nothing silly about that at all. It's not about the quantity/yield, it's all about the taste. If it wasn't we wouldn't bother and would just eat supermarket bland spuds which are as cheap as chips!

  2. Your gamble's paid off as so often happens when you're willing to take a chance on an early sowing/planting. Mine are just poking through as I'm growing for the end of June when we come back off holiday. No matter what month you harvest them in they always taste great fresh from the plot!