Tuesday, 12 April 2011

all is not lost

Four of the asparagus crowns now have spears showing above ground so all is not lost. I thought the bed was finished after the severe winter but it is just sprouting later than last year. Then I realized I put a good thick mulch on it in November so the spears have a couple more inches to push through before they reach daylight.

I finally got the last of the compost heap dug and riddled which only leaves a little leaf mould to add to my potting mix. At the last count there were ninety-one assorted containers growing a range of veg from lettuce to potatoes, and all filled with home-grown compost. Imagine what that would have cost if I’d used commercial stuff.

Parsnips and carrots under glass have germinated nicely, as have some of the pot herbs I sowed. I think this year more than any other I’ll run out of growing space long before I get all the seedlings planted.

It’s looking good for another bumper crop of blackcurrants with all three bushes carrying healthy bundles of flower buds.

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