Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Tippin' oot t' tattie barra

Or for those of you who don't do funny northern dialects: Emptying the potato barrow!

Today I emptied the green wheelbarrow that had five Carlingford potato plants growing in it. Yield was a disappointing nine pounds with many small tubers. I was expecting at least fifteen pounds but when I got down into it the compost was quite dry. They've been in for sixteen weeks and I've watered often but obviously it was only getting to the first few inches of compost. A lesson, if it were needed, that potatoes like a LOT of water if they are to develop properly.

On the plus side they were nice and clean with no sign of disease. After refreshing the compost with some BFB and giving it a drenching it is now home to more potatoes. Yes, once again I'm trying to get freshly-dug spuds for Christmas dinner.

Now, I know this makes the tree look very silly but this year I'm determined to have some cherries to eat. The local bird population seems to think that my cherry tree is only there to provide a tasty treat for them. All I ask is enough to make a pie and a jar of jam but they steadfastly refuse to share the harvest. Well, tough luck birdies. If you can get through the nets and the sacks you're welcome to the cherries but I think I've got you beat this time.

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