Saturday, 2 July 2011

ladder allotment

In my striving to get ever more growing space I’m in a constant battle with my wife who threatens dire consequences if I dig up any more of the back lawn. So, what’s a poor man to do?

I know, build a ladder allotment. It can sit on the lawn but the lawn is still there underneath it. What a brilliant and, dare I say it, cunning plan!

Actually it won’t sit on the lawn but on a flagged area near my shed and it’s not so heavy that it can’t be moved around to take maximum advantage of the sun.

Being an inveterate hoarder I managed to find enough scrap timber and angle-iron lying around so putting it all together has kept me occupied for the last few days. It’s built like a brick you know what and would probably withstand an earthquake. And the total cost was three quid for a pack of bolts to hold it together.

I just put the various containers on it for display purposes but my idea is to sow winter crops (lettuce, chard, dwarf kale and turnips) and bring the containers into the greenhouse after the tomatoes, peppers, etc. have finished. If they survive the next winter they can go back outside in spring.

The green container with onions is a supermarket produce tray which is about nine inches deep and great for a wide range of crops. (No, I didn’t steal it from a supermarket)

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  1. Wonderful bit of repurposing, there! How satisfying to have put it together for £3. Now you have total justification for hoarding plus the lawn is spared and marital harmony is ensured!