Thursday, 7 July 2011

Friends and frogs

Been away from the garden for much of the last few days due to having friends to stay. I’ve had to fit in my horticultural activities between bouts of being sociable. This is something I normally leave for my wife, Cath, as she’s much better at it than me. I like having friends to stay but they don’t share my passion for growing things. They did, however, share my passion for eating what I grow and were impressed with the potatoes, broad beans and strawberries. (not on the same plate!!)

The tops on the overwintered onions had turned over and were yellowing so I lifted them yesterday and now have them drying off. This lot should see us through to the end of August when the maincrop onions will be lifted.

I’ve also lifted most of the early potatoes and have a bare patch so today I put in the maincrop leeks. Only about eighty this year as we really had too many and got a bit sick of leeks last year. If the weather this coming winter is a little milder than last we should have a greater variety of veggies to choose from.

I think I've mentioned before that I have a healthy frog population in the garden. They help to keep down the slugs which is a much better method of pest control than throwing poison all over the place. This little beauty was waiting outside the back door this afternoon.

I wonder how many people with neatly manicured lawns and perfectly weeded flower borders ever see frogs. I'd bet that many of them don't even realize that frogs exist outside of fairy tales where they change into princes!

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  1. Decent looking onions there Colin. You can't have enough frogs in the garden, there's plenty of hiding places in mine and although we don't have any ponds the neighbours have a few so they keep the slug population down nicely.