Wednesday, 23 February 2011

a little milder today...

We're back to normal British weather: mild and wet. Mind you, it's far from tropical and the ground is still waterlogged. The germinated leeks, lettuce and calabrese which were growing on a window sill are now in the unheated greenhouse. There are no frosts forecast for the next three or four days at least so they should soon get used to being where it is cooler.

Planted another four Lady Christl potatoes in containers in the greenhouse which makes twenty-two earlies growing under cover. The rest of my spuds will go in the main plot when the ground is workable, at least another three or four weeks yet.

Last year I put some blackcurrant cuttings in a deep pot and noticed today that the buds are starting to open. I don’t need any more blackcurrant bushes but sometimes I just like to do things because I can. Once they’re rooted and potted on I’ll give them away.

No pictures of the garden today so I thought I'd let you see one of our famed Solway sunsets.


  1. It's been sunny and warm here in London today, but after yet another rainy day yesterday the plot is still far too sicky to do anything!
    Terrific photo! Flighty.

  2. Hi Colin
    Like you I take cutting all the time even though I don't need them, it's the growing that counts and people always appreciate a free plant. Your senset is brill, I'm off to the Isle of Skye to take photos and I hope mine turn out half as good as yours.