Saturday, 26 February 2011


Doing a bit more re-organizing today. Nothing drastic, just lifting and moving a few perennial plants to somewhere more appropriate. It also allows me to sneak a little bit of extra space for growing things to eat. (ulterior motives or what!)

A previous owner of the house just stuck things in the ground anywhere regardless of their eventual size or growth rate. Last year, when grubbing out a particularly nasty shrub, I found a poor azalea struggling to get some light and air. The thug that was strangling it went through the shredder so now it has a chance to produce some lovely flowers for her indoors to gaze at while she’s knitting. That sounds terribly patronizing but she knits and crochets for a living and sends her unique baby clothes all over the world. Looking out through the patio doors from her favourite chair she does like to see some colour other than green. You never know, it might even inspire a new design.

Today's pic is kind of vegetable related. It's one of my wife's pea-pod designs. The baby is not ours!

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