Friday, 25 May 2012

time for a big blog

After a week of hot sunny weather and plenty to do in the garden I've finally found time for a blog update. Because the first few weeks of May were so dismal I had a stack of stuff in the greenhouse ready for planting out and more hardening off on top of the coal bunker.

I've now got most of it into final positions with the runner and french beans out, celery planted in blocks of five in big square pots....

broccoli and summer cabbage in their beds, courgettes in more big pots and the first lot of leeks in a big box.
This is actually a plastic bread tray lined with cardboard to stop the compost falling out of the holes and the leeks will be picked as babies before the main crop is ready. When the early potatoes are lifted the bulk of the leeks will go in the space left behind. And talking of spuds the sunshine has really brought them on.
On the left are the first and second earlies which got nipped by the frost but have come back strongly.  The mains are on the right of the pic and in front of the greenhouse. All are growing in either polypots or flower buckets.

It won't be long now before I'm feasting on strawberries and cream and I'm hoping my friend mister frog is waiting for a feast of slugs.
to be continued....

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  1. It looks like it's 'Welcome to Potato World' Colin - all looking good - never seen such a variety of receptacles for growing in - I know, I know - waste not, want not!