Thursday, 3 May 2012

i'll be with you in...

apple blossom time.

and cherry blossom time.

Two of my fruit trees are laden with blossom but the weather has been a bit cool lately so not many insects about although I did see three or four bees busy in the cherry this evening. The pear and the early plum finished blooming last week so I'm not hopeful of bumper crops there. Three more apples and the late plum are starting to blossom so if we do manage to get some reasonable calm weather it could be jam and fruit pies at every meal come autumn!

Strawberries and gooseberries have fruit developing and it looks like I might get my first small crop of blueberries this year. As if I'm not fruity enough....

While I was sorting through the seed trays full of leeks I found some fat ones. Alright, they weren't leeks but red onions that I'd missed at planting out time. Anyway, with no room left on the plot I found an old tub held together with duct tape and that's now their new home.

They won't have time to bulb up properly but I can use them in salads. Nothing much gets wasted round here, a fact which my wife claims caused her hair to turn prematurely grey!

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