Tuesday, 24 April 2012

time for a furtle....

The first of the greenhouse planted potatoes have been in for nine weeks now so I thought it was time for a furtle under the compost. I carefully scraped some away and hey presto ....tatties.

I covered them back up, gave them a feed of tomato fertilizer and will see if I can get a meal out them next weekend. Ooh, the anticipation!!
These are Lady Christl, in my opinion the tastiest of all the 'new' potatoes I've tried.

Of course, such things are subjective but this is a variety that seems quite happy with my growing technique and conditions. In the greengrocer's the other day I noticed that Jersey Royals were £3.50 per kilo but I've never found them that tasty. Certainly not worth paying that kind of money for.

A lot of the outside crops are sulking at the moment due to the cool weather and if the forecast cold May turns out to be reality we could be in for some poor harvests. Last year was a bad one for potatoes and tomatoes but I got some great onions and soft fruit so it'll be swings and roundabouts as usual.

There are some insects around but not as many as there should be at this time of year. I keep rescuing bumble bees trapped in the greenhouse and I managed to snap this ladybird yesterday.


  1. My year in the garden last year was exactly the same as yours - I'm hoping for better this year - but from the look of the forecast on the weather - I'm doubtful. I have bucketloads of ladybirds in the garden and yesterday in the little bit of sun we did have there were a few hoverflies and the odd bee. They aren't getting much of a chance with all this rain. The Lady Christl that you sent me are coming along well, and I will post a photo once I tip them out of their buckets.

  2. My potatoes also germinated after 2 months because of colder temperature in Japan. I believe your potatoes will also germinate if your greenhouse can make the temperature inside warm effectively.