Sunday, 15 April 2012

having a herby day

It's been a good day for sowing herbs so I did Basil (two types), Cumin, Dill, Hyssop, Oregano, Russian Tarragon and Summer Savoury. Some will go in the propagator but others can take their chances in the cold greenhouse.

The perennials are springing back into life with some nice flowers on the Rosemary

and fresh growth on the sage.

Some coriander I sowed last month has been potted up and is looking good. 

Coriander and basil are two that I make regular sowings of in order to have constant supplies of fresh young leaves.

But today wasn't all herbs. I've had to put some tomato plants into their final containers as they were getting pot bound. It's still too cold to leave them in the greenhouse at night but it shouldn't be long before they can remain outside.

Although the days are not particularly warm outside there has been a lot of sunshine which has meant anything in the shelter of the greenhouse, where temperatures are often up in the twenties, is really putting on some growth. These potato plants should really be outside but I just daren't risk it.

The trouble is the greenhouse growth tends to be quite soft and they are unable to cope with any winds so are easily damaged. I'm hoping for the first pickings in two to three weeks, by which time I really will need the greenhouse space.

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