Thursday, 1 March 2012

has spring sprung?

Well, it's the first of March today and there are quite a few signs of activity around the garden. Trouble is, much of it is floral.

Not that I have anything against flowers I'm just itching to get picking and eating. Even the veg I can pick have names like flowers! These are China Rose radish that I pulled from a tub I'd forgotten about.

Decent flavour but a little bit woody in the centre. Not surprising really as they've stood outside all winter with no protection.

I close planted some onion sets in a container for picking as salad onions, a tip I learned from one of the forums.  You can buy loose onion sets so cheaply that it seems almost pointless sowing seeds of white lisbon....but I probably will.

Another lot of peas has been sown into a container in the greenhouse. Not sure what I'll do when the time comes to put all the containers outside to make way for the 'proper' greenhouse crops like tomatoes. I wonder what a tub of peas would look like either side of the front door!!

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  1. A tub of peas either side of your front door would look fantastic. Who wants to conform anyway?