Sunday, 11 March 2012

all systems grow

The recent mild weather has really brought things along. So much so that I'm running out of space in the greenhouse. Tubs and containers of peas, beans, beetroot, potatoes and more. Then there's all the seed trays and....I'll stop complaining and just be thankful that the weather is being kind to gardeners for a change.

AYR lettuce which was sown last autumn is now storming away. I don't let them heart up and just pull leaves as and when I need them.

A single broad bean shoot emerging and young pea plants (Kelvedon Wonder). I get early crops by starting things off in tubs in the greenhouse then putting them outside when the weather picks up. The main sowings of peas and beans go directly in the ground from April onwards.

Beetroot in the greenhouse for an early crop of baby beets.
Outside things are also doing well. The recently planted onion sets are now showing green shoots and there is fresh new growth on the strawberry plants. With the mild weather set to continue for at least the next week there's a temptation to go for a mad frenzy of sowing and planting but I'm resisting. It would be a disaster if I filled up the plot and then we got some hard frosts. Patience is the most important thing a gardener needs to cultivate.

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