Tuesday, 25 October 2011

rasps keep coming

The autumn raspberries are prolific this year. Here's 250g I picked this afternoon.

There are still more on the canes and as long as the frosts hold off I should be picking them till November. Actually, this year has been an excellent one for soft fruit which is some compensation for the disastrous tree fruit crops.

Starting with the first rhubarb in early April we've had fresh fruit of one sort or another for over seven months and there's loads in the freezer to make pies and crumbles.

Tomatoes have performed only moderately this year. The last few are hanging in the greenhouse to ripen. In previous years I've managed to be eating fresh, home-grown toms in December but you win some, you lose some.

the last few toms
I don't bother buying tomatoes in winter as I find them tough and tasteless and it's no great hardship to do without them. The thing about growing your own food is that you soon get accustomed to eating with the seasons and I'm sure this is better for our bodies.

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