Thursday, 27 January 2011

cheap seeds and sowing

Popped into Lidl today and got some of their 29p a packet veg seeds. I don’t need any more seeds but at that price what’s a man supposed to do? Anyway, I found a few varieties that I hadn’t heard of so I can try something new this year. One was a very flat-looking onion ‘Roja de Niort’ and I’m curious to see how it performs as I usually grow maincrop onions from sets.

In the afternoon I dug a load of compost into the area where I intend to grow climbing beans. They like a fertile and water-retentive soil so it’s best to add as much organic matter as you can.

The desire to get sowing is becoming hard to resist. I've contained my enthusiasm so far by restricting myself to sprouting seeds and have mustard, cress and salad rape on the go. Not very exciting but they do spice-up an egg sandwich!

If it stays reasonably mild I'll get some onion and leek seeds away in the greenhouse. A pot full of spring onion seeds that I put in last November have shown their heads although the germination rate is poor. Hardly surprising considering the severe frosts we had in December.

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