Tuesday, 4 January 2011

a new season starts

Wilko’s are clearing their shelves of the Christmas stuff and are putting out the seed packets. I like to think this is a signal that the new growing season has arrived and we should all be thinking about what we are going to plant this year. I’ve sorted out my seeds and drawn up various plans but I expect life, the weather and everything will interefere and throw an enormous spanner in the works. I make plans every year and every year the same thing happens, so why do I bother? Well, I guess it gives me something to do on the long dark nights and it does make me think about my garden rather than just putting things in haphazardly and expecting them to flourish.

The days are starting to lengthen but there is still plenty of time for some severe weather so I’ll resist the temptation to sow anything just yet. Last year I tried tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers sown in January on what I thought was a warm windowsill and I lost the lot. The March sowings thrived, so without heated propagators or suchlike it’s not worth the bother of early sowings in this part of the world.

I’m going to try and get some very early potatoes this year by growing them in pots in the greenhouse and will give details of my progress as the year unfolds. Last year my first pick was on 29th May but I think I can beat that by a couple of weeks as long as we don’t get a very cold spring.

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