Friday, 10 December 2010

I can see soil again !

Although it's been very cold up here we didn't have as much snow as other parts of the country and now it's all gone and I can see lovely brown soil again.

Most of the crops seem to have suffered no lasting damage from the severe frosts, even the pak choi which I was worried about is perking up. Some of the big leaves on the chard are looking bedraggled but there's plenty of smaller leaves to pick from. It just goes to show how resilient plants are, not like us humans. We were without hot water from the boiler for a day and a half and it made life very difficult....aren't we pathetic.

Container lettuce in the greenhouse keeled over when we had two nights of severe frost. -16C and -15C, certainly not the sort of temperatures we were expecting when we moved to the west coast. However, when I looked this morning it had picked itself up.

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