Saturday, 18 December 2010

here we go again

Back to the snow again. Already I'm fed up of this winter and we're not out of December yet. I know I sound like a moaning Brit. but we're just not used to this kind of severe cold lasting so long. Being a maritime country our winters are normally wet and on the cool side. I suppose the positive side to it is that a lot of pests and diseases will be killed off so we might have a reasonable season next year.

Our next-door neighbour has a berry tree in the garden and we've had a small flock of waxwings feeding there on and off for the past few weeks. Tried to get a photo but as soon as I open the door they fly off. And before anyone suggests it I'm not going to sit outside waiting for them with my camera when it's -5.

I would post a pic of the snow-covered garden but what's the point It would just look like every other snow-covered garden. Instead I'll post one of the ice build-up on the estuary we live next to.

 Those of you with sharp eyes may just be able to make out the Lake District hills in the distance.

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