Saturday, 15 February 2014

a new start

Managed to snip a few chives for a lunchtime sandwich today. Not much I know but chives are always the first 'new' crop of the year. Each autumn I split off a clump, pot them up and overwinter them in the greenhouse. February is normally when they first start to show new growth but they are well up this year, almost a month ahead of last spring, in fact.

I also sowed some radishes in a big tub last October and just left them in the greenhouse. Never overwintered them before and was expecting them to be quite woody but I was pleasantly surprised.
overwintered radishes
They did have a slightly woody core but mostly they were perfectly palatable, although lacking in the 'heat' I expect from a radish. Definitely an experiment to repeat next winter, perhaps using several varieties.

I know it's been quite a while since I posted anything. Put it down to the time of year, health problems and appalling weather but the sight of new growth in the garden has me itching for a new start. Just have to remember not to overdo things......not much chance of that, according to my wife!

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  1. Hi Colin - nice to see you back. I haven't made a start on anything yet due to winter sloth. My outdoor chives are about an inch high and I still have a bucket of carrots growing - but like you, I am itching to get growing again.