Tuesday, 29 January 2013

thumb twiddling....

After some quite mild weather early in the month it all went downhill with frost and snow to be followed by rain and gale force winds, so I'm doing a lot of thumb twiddling and gazing at leaden skies. My main potato order is yet to arrive but I have about 60 assorted tubers chitting in the utility room. These I've picked up from Wilko's, Poundland and elsewhere and will be the earliest of my earlies grown in the greenhouse.

The new shoots that were poking up a few weeks ago are now just sulking and, even though I covered the rhubarb with upturned pots it doesn't seem any bigger. Ah, well.

I have been sowing some cress just to get a crop of something, even if it is just a sandwich garnish! Onions and leeks are germinating in one of the propagators and I've also potted up some shallots in MPC to give them an early start. After potatoes I'd say that alliums were our most used veg. so I like to aim for an almost year-round supply if I can. The stored onions are now sprouting long shoots so they won't last much longer but I still have leeks on the plot and overwintered spring onions in the greenhouse.

Today's picture is just to remind me and everyone else that it really won't be long before the potting bench is awash with seedlings and young plants.


  1. Hope the weather's improved a bit recently. Everything will start gathering pace soon. I haven't got the space to grow an all year round supply of onions but I am going to grow more leeks as they seem very expensive in the shops at this time of year.

  2. Won't be long now before we can get cracking Colin - it's a frustrating time of year for us all.

  3. It will soon be time to get the seeds started. I'll be waiting until about March or April to get started.