Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Happy compost, everyone

Don't forget that Christmas is a great time for us compost makers with loads of stuff that can go in the bin/heap.

From the pre-Christmas house clean I got the contents of several vacuum cleaner bags, then the dog had a good grooming (lots of hair), there's all the veg peelings, cardboard packaging, wrapping paper, etc. If you're a nut lover all the shells can go in although they do take a long time to rot down so I put them in a bag first and bash them up small with a hammer.

Even the left-over dinner can be used if you have a sealed bin so that vermin can't get in. Use your imagination, basically anything that is organic in origin can be composted.

Once the celebrations are out of the way you can start to think about using some of that lovely crumbly compost you've been creating through the year. Before you know it you'll have a potting bench overflowing with seedlings just waiting for some decent weather so they can go out on to the plot. If only we could pre-order the weather so we didn't get nasty surprises. Dream on....

potting bench last April.....hope springs eternal

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  1. It's great to see those seedlings - a tantalising glimpse of spring.

    Here's to the perfect summer!