Saturday, 7 July 2012

rain, radishes and rampant growth

Finally, something that seems to like rain....radishes.

I'm growing my best crops ever this year and have been picking regularly since mid April. Both scarlet globe and french breakfast are performing well and are not too badly damaged by slugs.

I suspect another result of all the rain is the amount of rampant top growth on many plants. I've had to nip out the tops of some broad beans today as they'd got to almost six feet high which makes them very liable to wind damage. The haulms on my Rooster potatoes have reached chest-high and the parsnip tops are heading for three feet! If this all translates into plenty of growth below ground I'll be very happy but I have my doubts on that.

Here's a foxglove that I measured at seven foot eight inches (I only have an old tape measure which doesn't do metric)
Given the few inches above ground before it broke you're looking at the best part of eight feet tall so if it ain't the rain it must be my compost. My wife said I should have combed my hair before she took the picture. Good grief, I don't want to end up looking tidier than the garden!

The rain is also good for our frog population as they don't notice any difference whether they're in or out of the pond. Here's one sunning itself on the netting above the strawberries. I hope it's on slug patrol and not just skiving.

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  1. Radishes look great, I must sow some more myself. At least the rain has some benefits!