Tuesday, 31 January 2012

almost ready

Although the soil is cold it is not actually frozen so I’ve been digging out more compost from the heap and applying it throughout the garden. As a companion all afternoon I had a robin who was either pecking in the heap or among the freshly spread compost. Disturbed ground means lovely creepy-crawlies for dinner.

The ivy you can see in the pic is invading from a neighbour's garden. Some people might think it looks very rustic to have ivy creeping over hedges and fences but I hate the darned stuff. It's just about the most pernicious weed imaginable and very difficult to get rid of. We used to have some trying to get a foothold on the front of the house and the only way I could get rid was by burning it off with a blowlamp.

The main veg plot is now just about ready for this year’s crops. All I really need to do is a final rake over when it dries out and then apply a dressing of BFB with pelleted chicken manure for the brassicas.

In addition to the compost from the heap I also added crushed dried seaweed and will, of course, be giving the crops my liquid seaweed feed throughout the season. So, that's most of the preparation done now all I can do is wait for spring!

A couple of weeks ago I sprouted some out-of-date pea seeds in the kitchen, intending to use them in a stir fry. Well, I didn't use them and they kept growing so I've transplanted the clump to a pot of compost. Wonder if I'll get an extra early crop of peas this year?

early peas?

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  1. Your plot's looking good and all ready to go!