Saturday, 10 December 2011

clearing up....again!!

Clearing up after yet more severe gales. Thankfully at this time of year there is not much left to damage but the calabrese looks as if it’s finished. The plants have been blown around so much they’ve almost twisted from their roots which have been partly pulled from the ground. The kale has fared much better but I suspect that’s because it’s a dwarf variety.

kale - dwarf green curled

A few branches had snapped from a neighbour’s birch tree so they’ve been added to the pile for shredding next spring. In the meantime the heap is home to all sorts of critters, including hedgehogs.

I tipped out one tub of leeks as I needed them for a big pan of leek and potato soup - one of my favourites. They don’t bulk up like the plot grown ones but are still perfectly usable. Growing some in containers also means you can bring them under cover if it looks like the ground might freeze solid.

 I still have fifty or so leeks in the ground which will keep us going to the point where we’re all heartily sick of them. There's probably still some of last year's in the bottom of the freezer as well so no chance of running out of leeks!

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