Wednesday, 9 November 2011

best ever parsnips

I got my best ever yield of parsnips from a flower bucket today. They were so tightly packed in that I could only get them out by slitting the bucket and peeling it away from the root mass. After trimming there was just short of 3lbs of usable snips...pretty good for a vegetable that’s supposed to be difficult to grow.

almost three pounds of parsnips

 Just a little bit of canker around the shoulders on a couple of them but a very pleasing haul. We had some boiled with our evening meal and the rest went in the freezer. I know I'm supposed to be emptying the freezer and I am trying, honest :)

I also planted a couple of dozen garlic cloves today and some more overwintering onions. I’m a bit late for putting onions outside so these were planted about three inches apart in a big tub in the greenhouse and will be picked small as ‘spring onions’ before the rest of the crop are ready.

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