Tuesday, 29 March 2011

New edging for beds.

Last week I scrounged a load more used tiling laths from the lad who’s re-roofing a house in the village and made a start on cutting it up into suitable lengths for ‘rustic’ edging for the beds and back lawn. With a bit of preservative slapped on it looks rather good which is a surprise to me as I was never much good at woodwork!

The extra depth will allow me to bung loads of home-made compost on the beds over the coming years but the best thing about it is that it cost nothing. The nails and screws to hold it together I've had for 30 years and the preservative was left over from when I treated the shed!

With the recent good weather I've managed to get quite a lot done, including planting out another forty onion sets and more container potatoes. The bottom bed is now ready to receive the new season's crops and over the next few weeks things should really start to take off. I have cabbage and calabrese plants ready to put out and the first peas will be going in soon.

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